samsung nc20 Samsung could release VIA Nano powered super netbook
The image on the left hits us courtesy of notebookitalia – they claim that it is the first image of the Samsung NC20. The device has rather usual netbook specs except for the 12″ screen, 450Euro/650USD price tag – and – surprise, surprise, the VIA Nano CPU.

Netbook freaks have known that the Nano outperforms the Intel Atom in almost all situations for quite some time: nevertheless, no hardware manufacturer had the nerves to create a Nano-powered notebook so far – Intel’s Atom apparently is cheaper and / or more attractive (could this be due to Intel’s “monopoly” on mobile CPU’s?).

However: the reason for Samsung’s deviation is said to be directly linked to the boys with the i in their name according to PCWorld. They claim that Samsung is fed up with Intel’s totally bogus rules on Atom deployment (e.g. no PCI Express, no large screens) and has decided to go with the no-nonsense folks at VIA’s instead.

I personally hope to see the device in the near future: even though I am extremely happy with my Wind and will not update (I like the small form factor), I nevertheless hope to see the VIA folks succeed at powering up the netbook platform…

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2 Responses to “Samsung could release VIA Nano-powered “super netbook””

  1. That is an amazing one; nano cpu with sleek and cool looks!

  2. I’m looking forward to the new netbooks with the Via processor. As soon as they are available I will have reviews and details at

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