It’s this part of the year again: while the rest of the world is running around celebrating and accepting usury cup deposits of more than 2 Euros per cup, yours truly is sitting in front of his MSI Wind U100, creating a reflection on the events of the year.

From a Palm OS point of view, 2008 should be known as the year of the big decline. The end and resuscitation of PalmGear left developers in stasis, loosing over 80% of the sales volume on this (once big) channel. Companies are fighting to pay their wages; many of them have already had to let go staff and are preparing to abandon the Palm OS (or the mobile market in entity).

Palm Inc has done little to reassure or help developers. While Nova is rumored to drop shortly, it currently has even less of a developer support program in place than the Foleo originally had. This is understandable as they had to worry about their “post-peak” Centro sales – which apparently tank worse than originally expected.

Surprisingly, I feel that the US recession IMHO has helped the Palm OS economy to some extent: as Palm OS devices usually work quite well once configured properly, device owners have little issues with “deferring” their upgrades to a later point of time when income is more easily disposable.

2009 will be the year of Nova – this platform alone will decide on the future of Palm Inc. Their insane business decisions (e.g. no handhelds) can work only if backed up by an unique sales proposition: if people are unhappy with a WM device, they can always go to a competitor…

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