Infinity Softworks is well-known for their highly acclaimed PowerOne calculator for Palm OS, which they recently ported to a variety of other platforms.

Their CEO naturally is very interested in Nova, and posted a small article detailing his thoughts. He starts out with the passage below and makes for very interesting reading:

It appears in early January that Palm will announce their new operating system, devices and direction. It is believed that the new Palm will also be the only Palm operating system used by the company, dropping the old Palm OS and Windows Mobile in favor of this new platform. (They’d keep supporting WinMo for its corporate clients only.)

I’m skeptical that Palm can survive this transition. It isn’t 1996 any more

Get the full scoop at their blog!

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2 Responses to “Infinity Softworks on Nova”

  1. No problem with people having their doubts… lets just not go into it with our minds set on failure. Lets give Palm a chance. It looks like they are trying to pull an apple-esque corporate comeback. If they are clever enough and if we give them due credit it could very well work.

  2. Hi Med,
    thank you so much for talking back.

    I fully agree with you – but we also have to understand the developers. Many of them are suffering in the Palm OS space currently: for them, another failed platform would mean huge losses…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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