Palm has just redesigned its US web presence; a sample screenshot is below (scaled down by 50%):
Unbenannt Palm redesigns web site, removes handhelds

One notable change in the redesigned web site is the lack of mentions of handheld devices (and older Treos). All devices except for the Treo Pro, Treo 800w and Centro have been banished from all but the customer support pages. While Palm hopes to get rid of handhelds as soon as possible, customers still love them. The figure below comes from Resco’s, and is an an alysis of their software sales over the last 30 days:
salesplatform Palm redesigns web site, removes handhelds

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4 Responses to “Palm redesigns web site, removes handhelds”

  1. It is, however, a very nice website. Very smooth.

  2. You find the PDAs still in the Palm Online Shop

  3. Yes, but not on the US website. The german shop still has them…

  4. Hi,
    let’s be honest: we all know that germany is not too big a market for Palm…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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