The Palm User Group Vienna can well be considered one of the older Palm User Groups in existence. Ever since it was founded in 2003, Alexander Kozousek’s crowd had up to 10 visitors to its monthly meetings.

Even though attendance had dwindled in the last months, today’s meeting was very well-visited:
0a Palm User Group Vienna reactions

Most people followed the German Nexave news feed, which unfortunately was extremely slow even though it wasn’t updated a single time while we were there (so much about sending somebody there/about the new server):
1a Palm User Group Vienna reactions 1b Palm User Group Vienna reactions 1c Palm User Group Vienna reactions

Fortunately, my XPERIA X1 was tuned to Engadget…and quickly became the lust object for all attendants as news about the new boxen began to trickle out. General user sentiment was very positive – all attendants (yours truly excluded) were impressed by the “rich features” of the box:
2a Palm User Group Vienna reactions 2b Palm User Group Vienna reactions

Unfortunately, the announcement of EVDO-exclusivity did not go down well: on e user stated that he already was used to waiting, but now has “something to wait for”…

Other topics of interest involved Apple stuff, Nokia’s E-series QWERTY handhelds and digital cameras:
3a Palm User Group Vienna reactions

The BlackBerry was not liked too well:
4a Palm User Group Vienna reactions 4b Palm User Group Vienna reactions

Finally, here’s a collection shot showing all the attending boxen:
5a Palm User Group Vienna reactions

In the end, I left the place impressed by the enthusiasm Palm’s recent announcement managed to create. I myself was not too impressed: the world imho doesnt need another web-only platform…and the lack of even rudimentary Palm OS emulation is appaling.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Palm User Group Vienna reactions”

  1. We think that it will be a great device to install Linux to :)

  2. 1) Nobody said it was web only… they simply said it was web-centric… which makes sense.

    2) Nobody mentioned a lack of legacy support, rather they didn’t say anything about it at all… we will have to wait and see.

    Tam, seriously dude… lighten up. By most accounts they just put themselves back on the map — enough to contend with the iphone… time to celebrate and be amazed.

  3. I think it has linux under it. I loved the device, still think it could of had a better camera. And rally hope they make a palm garnet emulator or in last hope a old palm data converter so we don’t have to insert everything again, memos, tasks, calendar, etc…

  4. Hi Rui,
    there definitely wont be an emaulator…at least not from Palm’s end!

    But I am in touch with StyleTap trying to find out more!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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