Yours truly never was too good at all things geography – while I managed to get through mandatory geography exams with Palmary help, I can not say that I am too witty when it comes to all things geo. HeroCraft’s Travel Genius wants to make Geography fun – but how does it accomplish this?

When starting up the game for the first time, only one game mode is available. It involves finding landmarks on a map:
0a Travel Genius   the review

Some landmarks must be targeted twice, the second time at higher accuracy:
1a Travel Genius   the review 1b Travel Genius   the review

After having answered a few questions, a “score” is computed. The score must be over an arbitrary limit to pass the level and continue with the next one – if you fail one level, the game is over.
2a Travel Genius   the review 2b Travel Genius   the review

If you manage to score enough points in a sequence (the limit is arbitrary), new game modes are unlocked as time goes by:
3a Travel Genius   the review

Scores are visualized in a pretty weird way:
4a Travel Genius   the review

Travel Genius supports a variety of languages:
5a Travel Genius   the review

Sound-wise, Travel Genius impresses with a few exploration-themed tracks of decent quality!

This review looked at version 1.0 of Travel Genius on a Treo 680 and a Palm Centro. While exceptionally stable, the game was slow to load and used loads of memory (about 3600k). It furthermore had issues with the REM sleep feature of the Treo and Centro – turning the device off while the game runs does not stop the background music (and drains the battery fast).

In the end, Travel Genius manages to impress both casual and hardcore gamers. If you feel like sprucing up your geography skills, get this game – the price of 16$ is justified.

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