News from Linux Pro magazine is that Sony is releasing a 10MP camera which runs busybox, and believe it or not, ALP, ACCESS’s thought-to-be-deathware-like-cobalt Operating System.

The camera, the Sony DSC-G3 runs busybox and kernel 2.6.11 for ALP. The makefile (source available here) for the kernel states in part:
NAME=Woozy Beaver

What this may mean for the ALP platform in the future is beyond me. Having a full fledged camera running a handheld operating system seems like far overkill to me, but perhaps Sony may be shifting in a new direction with their devices, taking steps to slowly but surely integrate these two platforms into one.

This is not a full ALP operating system on the camera; only the kernel is used from ALP.

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3 Responses to “ALP Ships to a device, sort of…”

  1. Sony’s Cybershot is able to recognize when a person smiles! Also added is the ability to buy an add on to put a GPS stamp on every picture taken.

    Cameras will soon all be able to use WiFi to send the pictures to be stored or processed. This is the portion in which Access may be important to Sony.

  2. Hi philpalm,

    It seems only time will tell what is in store with the two Japanese companies!


  3. Hi,
    I have to say that ALP is slowly but surely starting to make inroads all over the market – first, there was the Edelweiss, and now this critter…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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