Long-term TamsPalm members will recall that we were once called “Palm OS developer blog” – the name was eventually changed to Palm OS blog as focus inside of Tamoggemon Software shifted from software to publishing. Nevertheless, developers always were (and still are) a prime audience for our blogs…which is why we are interested to report that Palm has just launched a developer blog of its own.

This idea did not come from the management of the company, but rather developed on its own when a blog post by a Palm employee called Andrew Shebanow got hundreds of replies – but let’s hear the story from the horse’s mouth:

Last week I posted on my blog asking for input on issues around application distribution on the Palm platform. The post got a number of responses from developers (mostly via email), as you would expect given the size of my readership (low hundreds). Then it got linked on Daring Fireball and metafilter, and traffic took off – I got 11,000+ readers in a day and a half. There was also a flood of comments and private emails. The tone of the conversation was extremely constructive and I learned a lot from reading what people had to say.

But when folks at Palm saw how much the post had taken off, there was concern that people would think I was speaking for and promising things on behalf of Palm, even though I had issued a number of disclaimers to preempt that effect. Honestly, I can’t blame Palm people for being concerned – there were a number of people who linked to the post saying things like “isn’t it great that Palm is doing this”. The difference between me doing something as a Palm employee and me doing something as a representative of Palm is a subtle one, but it is something I’ve run into several times as a blogger – in my previous job lots of people used to attribute things I wrote as being the official word of Adobe despite my disclaimers to the contrary.

To Palm’s credit, though, after reviewing my post and the feedback it had received, there was a general recognition internally that the conversation was a great thing and that we’d like that conversation to continue. But rather than have it be a conversation between me and the developer community, we decided that it would be better if we could widen the conversation to include even more people at Palm. And so here we are.

This is your chance to let Palm know what you would and would not like to see on the webOS platform, in particular in areas related to

Want to find out more? Hit the URL below for the full scoop:

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2 Responses to “Palm starts…a developer blog”

  1. In actuality, I believe the Palm Developer Blog was up before like a week before that employee posted on his own blog. Palm saw it as an opportunity for developer interaction and gave him a posting login for the Palm Developer Blog. Before that guy’s post, it was just that annoying welcome post filling up the page.

  2. Hi Jay,
    this is actually a good possibility…but hard to proove ;(

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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