The fine folks at’s have just posted a highly interesting piece looking at the state of mind of the average BlackBerry user – here is the core part:

A popular question I receive is, “Why didn’t you get an iPhone?” The answer is really quite simple. If I had a lame emo haircut then my hair covering my eyes would blind me from the POS the iphone really is. “But Geoff, look at what my iPhone can do!” I don’t care…

Congratulations, your phone is contributing to the demise of society. Is it really necessary for your phone to tell you where you should eat? If you can’t decide on your own where you’d like to eat like a normal human being then maybe you should re-evaluate your life.

The core message of this post is something which is of utmost importance for all developers wanting to target the RIM market: function beats form. In a way, they are completely different from the iCrowd – while the latter prefers cool-looking slow apps, the RIM crowd has abnsolutely no tolerance for that.

The secret of RIM success is short and sweet: KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Do that and you should to fine…

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