Please tell us more about yourself and your company
My name is Miro Pomsar and I’m working for Resco Palm Division. We produced a number of popular applications such as Resco Explorer or Resco Backup. (To name the most popular ones.)

I’ve been working with Jan Slodicka since Resco started producing PalmOS software, so I was more or less involved with every application on this platform.

What were your initial impressions after the webOS announcement?
webOS seems nice, but I hoped for a native SDK (think C, C++).

For some applications javascript might prove good enough but for anything advanced native processor power is needed. I must say I like the idea of cards and multitasking. Also the notification area is well thought out.

I’m not sure about the value of the facebook and gmail and eventual other web services integrated into the base installation. For example the Facebook community may be large, but it is stil a small minority.

Well, a difficult question – Palm bet on the web services, hence some
examples must be preinstalled…

What did you expect Palm to do? Were your expectations met?
I expected a powerful and nice device with all the common features (3G, BT, Wifi, GPS).

But this is the baseline, I expected a SDK and a clear development strategy, f.e.: how to move/port existing (PalmOS) software to this new platform, IDE, emulators, examples, etc.

To this day nothing was released, but we shall see. So right now I’m, happy with the hardware, but slightly unhappy with the software.

The operating system is said to be web-only. Do you think that its possible to create solid applications in such an environment?
As I said, for some apps this might be good enough (especially when the data crunching is offloaded to a web server).

For others such as audio, video, docs, (encryption, compression) etc. it won’t. As far I understood Palm wants to provide needed services (such as imaging) case by case based on demand.

I see this strategy as some sort of “lego” development, where Palm provides the blocks (gui controls, audio/video decoding) and programmers put these blocks together.

It will depend on the number and versatility of these blocks whether or not this strategy will be successful. In any case the creativity of the developers will be seriously undermined.

WebOS is not able to run old Palm OS code. Can you understand this decision?
On the one hand there are thousands of apps for PalmOS.
- There is no way old apps would look up-to-date on this device.
- Many of the thousands of apps are no longer maintained, so even a slight modification is not possible.
- Many of those apps, are rather simple and can be replaced by web apps
right now.
So I understand that decision. (Still I at hoped for Palm to have a clear porting guide.)

Many have compared webOS to the iPhone, thinking that most applications will be crapware. Do you think that a solid economy will be built around the pre?
I don’t know for sure, but have the feeling that the developer situation will be more difficult with WebOS than it used to be in the old Palm OS era. Also part of the iPhone crapware problem is AppStore.

So we must first see what the Palm “AppStore” answer will be.

Do you plan to develop applications for the pre? Could you give us a preview?
Not right now, we will evaluate the SDK once ready. Also we would start with porting some of our apps, before creating brand new ones.

If you could change one thing about webOS, what would it be?
It is too soon to say.

If you could ask Palm one question, what would it be?
Why didn’t you contact more developers about your new platform?

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