Our next interview partner is Tunji Afonja from GX5. His company is famous for a variety of applications which added “coolness” to Treos – let’s see what he has to say on webOS!

Please tell us more about yourself and your company
My name is Tunji Afonja. I started Gx5 in 2005 to create software for mobile device, particularly the Treo. We are fortunate to have very good success with apps like UltimatePhone and Quick Memos. We have also developed apps for the iPhone and Windows Mobile.

What were your initial impressions after the webOS announcement?
Due to insider sources, I kind of knew what was coming, but I was very much impressed with the total execution.

What did you expect Palm to do? Were your expectations met?
Yes, my expectations were met and exceeded

The operating system is said to be web-only. Do you think that its possible to create solid applications in such an environment?
Yes, read this article http://www.tunjiafonja.com/tunjis_weblog/2009/01/palm-nova-and-3rd-party-apps.html

WebOS is not able to run old Palm OS code. Can you understand this decision?
Great decision. Don’t bring old junk into a new os. Users need not worry as all those apps they are using now will be available within the first month of release of the Pre and they will be much better.

Many have compared webOS to the iPhone, thinking that most applications will be crapware. Do you think that a solid economy will be built around the pre?
Well there are two kinds of iPhone apps.
The web apps are crapware because Apple provides no apis that allow developers to create robust apps.

There is crapware in the app store because of Apple being perceived as hostile to developers and not allow apps to be publish, thus developers and not trying to innovate on the iPhone and creating trivial apps. The opposite should happen on the Pre. Palm developers have always been one of the most innovative and with this new platform that Palm will open up, we will see the next wave of innovation

Do you plan to develop applications for the pre? Could you give us a preview?
Yes, but we have no previews yet. This is a completely brand new platform with new capabilities and thus we need to properly plan new software.

If you could change one thing about webOS, what would it be?
Flash, Flash and More Flash. Adobe Flash I mean.

If you could ask Palm one question, what would it be?
When will we have Flash support?

Anything you would like to add
We are baaaaaaacccckk!!!! And we are ready to kick butt

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3 Responses to “WebOS intro interview – Tunji Afonja, GX5”

  1. All the best to Tunji. Finally a clearly optimistic statement from a Palm developer.

    However, statements such as
    “all those apps they are using now will be available within the first month of release of the Pre”
    are simply a nonsense. (Sorry)

    For sure this will not happen for many heavy-weight applications, such as for example most of our (Resco) products.

  2. Finally someone with the right ideas, palm pre is a new beginning for developers to make money

  3. Hi Rui,

    The question is, imo, if palm will give developers the power needed to make money! Crapware will not let this platform survive, and judging by the lack of developer interaction (just judging by opinions on the palm-dev forum) there is little Palm is doing at the time to prepare developers.

    A platform shipping without apps is in grave danger!


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