There are a lot of Treo cases on the market but how about a case which can be customized by you?
Well, if you search for such a case you should have a look at cases by Fortte. I tested the Leather PDA Case Lateral Pouch for Palm® Treo™ 650 for some weeks. The price for the case starts at $24.99. When purchasing you have got many possibilities to customize your case:
You can choose the color, the type of the clip at the back (fixed clip, belt loop, wrist strap, Heavy Duty Removable Ratchet Clip, Removable Low Profile Ratchet Clip or without any clip), the style of the Fortte logo, and if you want, a personal embossing.
I’ve choosen the following “configuration”:

- color: Navy Blue (+10$)
- clip: belt loop (+4$)
- style of the Fortte logo: Silver Tone
- no personalization
whole case: $ 38.99

Finally the case looks like that:
100 2577 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

The Treo fits exactly into the case and stays there, even if you open it and hold it upside-down:
100 2579 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo
100 2580 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

When the Treo is inserted, the case stays small and handy. In that way you nearly won’t realize that it is there when it is attached to your belt.
100 2581 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

And that’s how it looks from the back:
100 2582 300x225 A stylish case for your Treo

During my test I noted the following things:
- very durable and significant case (made from real leather)
- stylish look and feel
- small in size

- As the case is opened on the top it can be difficult to get your Treo when the case is under your jacket
- The case has no place for a SD card. So you have to look for an alternative place when you use more than one SD card.

The case is available via Fortte – the price starts at $24.99. In my opinion the case is worth its money :D

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