The folks at Engadget’s have received information stating that Palm recently provided hands-on demos of the Palm Pre to a variety of musicians and actors at a recent event in the USA:

We already knew that stars attending the Independent Spirit Awards

and based on the coverage we’re seeing from the event (held on the 21st), they at least got to handle them.

, but what it does make clear is that the Pre can’t be too far from launch if the company felt comfortable enough to throw them into such an uncontrolled setting.

Unfortunately, their conclusion is not right: the device probably crashed all the time. But: nobody was there to see it crashing…

Events such as the one mentioned above are not visited by tech journalists – the so-called culture journalists who cover these usually have no idea of technology. For them, all that counts is that Rappa X used the Pre…

On the other hand, assume that the Pre died in my hands: the story would probably be all over the internet within 15 minutes.

Thus, Palm has nothing to loose by giving out the Pre “in a controlled environment”. If journalists photograph the device in use, they win. If it crashed, nobody cares…

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Why celebrities can touch the Pre”

  1. Didn’t tech writers get a reasonably good go on the Pre recently – and video the results for all to see?

  2. No tech journalist has ‘driven’ a Pre with their own fingers to date. All demos have had a Palm employee firmly in control.

    I doubt this is because the device is crashing all the time, I think that with the Linux backend it is extremely stable. However the responsiveness of the multi-touch and GUI in general might not be as polished as they might hope so they are delaying proper demos. You can hardly blame them!

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