Walter Maurer from Austria’s Governmental carrier A1 presented the list below as an assignment at the FH Hagenberg’s Mobile Computing course. As he gave permission to post the list (along with my work) here, find it below for your enjoyment/reference:

Business case
Similar to a use case, but broader in scope. Motivation, WHY the product or project is needed.

Short for Capital Expenditure. Money spent for acquiring stuff.

Concept project
Project which is not intended to produce an abstract deliverable (read: no program or product), but rather a concept which can be implemented later.

An artifact which can be delivered.

Implementation project
Project which produces a result (e.g. a handset or device).

A milestone is a goal which signalizes the competition of a project stage. A popular example could be the release of the first beta.

Short for Operating Expense. Ongoing cost for upkeep.

Non-typical task which is unique (not routine), involves significant resources and is complicated enough to warrant management of its own.

Project close down
The act of completing the project.

Project goals
Conditions which must be met in order to make the product successful.

Project manager
A person who performs project management and is responsible for its outcome.

Project management
The act of ensuring that: 1) a project remains on track; and 2) that the team remains functional.

Project owner
The stakeholder of a project.

Project portfolio
A list of all projects inside a company!

Project proposal
Document starting the project (aka where the stakeholder gives the order to start the project).

Work Breakdown Structure / WBS
A structure showing which work package is assigned to which project member.

Work package
An individual task.

P.S. Slides with more detailed descriptions will be made available shortly!

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