pugfarewell Hong Kong Palm User Group holds farewell meetingPalm OS handhelds were notable for the strong community which formed around them: the largest of the so-called Palm User Groups (PUG for short) were able to attract almost 100 members in their heyday.

Unfortunately, it looks like the end of the traditional Palm OS will also bring an end to Palm User Groups – the picture on the left side was made at the farewell/dissolution meeting of the Hong Kong Palm User Group.

As of now, nobody knows if the group will continue or will end forever – however, further images of the meeting can be found at the following URL’s (no English translation as of this writing):

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3 Responses to “Hong Kong Palm User Group holds farewell meeting”

  1. Actually, we were holding such an event for memorial for Palm OS but not HKPUG. Many of the members are looking forward to the release of the Palm Pre in Hong Kong and hoping it will be a hit and attracting more people to join the group.

  2. I also translated the article into English (posted at the bottom of the forum post). Hope you will find it useful. :)

  3. Whatever happened to the Palm. SO dominant in the 90s and now virtually gone. Maybe it will come back with the Palm Pre although I think they are probably finished.

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