450px La2 euro EU Commission wants to tackle data roaming tariffsThe EU commission has undertaken quite a few regulatory actions over the last year: according to The Unwired View, a further change could be upcoming in the near future!

First of all, roaming tariffs will be reduced to €0.40 for outgoing and to €0.16 for incoming calls. Billing will be by the second. SMS users will be happy about a 11cent/sms cap (all prices without VAT).

People into data also get some love: a price cap of 50 cents per megabyte (billing per KB) and a fixed limit will ensure that travelers don’t get too many nasty surprises.

As of this writing, the EU Parliament has not approved the steps outlined above. But: we should know more by July 2010…

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Lars Aronsson

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