The title above is not developed by yours truly, but rather by Anders Bylund from the very popular investment web site “Motley Fool”. His piece looks at the current financial status of Palm, and can be summed by two words: cash burning.

While I don’t fully agree with all of his positions, Anders definitely is right about one thing: there is no second chance for Palm. With money from Palm OS products falling off a cliff and Windows Mobile competition getting stronger than ever (Treo Pro…haha), the folks can not survive on their self-generated income.

If the Pre fails, Palm is as good as dead. There probably won’t be another webOS device if the Pre doesn’t sell (extremely) well…which is a fact I am not too sure about.

While the Pre definitely is an amazing (and very daring) piece of technology, I am not sure if there will be many Palm OS heads waiting to upgrade to this device due to lack of upwards compatibility.

Palm’s fate will decide itself in the next six months – and it will be prosper or perish. The time of stasis is over for good…

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4 Responses to “Will a sweaty Palm drop the Pre?”

  1. I’d say the chances of palm completely bungling the pre are roughly equivalent to the chances of Tam magically becoming an optimist.

  2. Are you serious? Plenty of Palm heads will buy the Pre. However, the big sales will come after Verizon and the other cell networks have it. Sprint was a bad call; however, the Centro started at Sprint, and it is the best smart phone I have ever used. I switched my Centro to Verizon as soon as I could. The Pre will sell enough to save Palm.

  3. The pre isn’t trying to attract the tiny old-fart* Palm user market. The pre is trying to pull people from the iPhone. Backwards compatibility is irrelevant to these people.

    * like me

  4. I’m an old fart. I pre-ordered the Pilot 1000 back in the days.
    I want the Pre and I want it before Palm goes the way of Commodore Amiga.

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