An insider report from a close friend of mine over at Palm has informed me of talks that Nokia has begun talks to make a bid for 50% of Palm’s stock, giving them majority share and ownership of the Sunnyvale, California company. Nokia, who recently bought Trolltech’s Qt software, may be planning on turning the webOS into a platform for their newer Symbian devices while also taking out their top competitor.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week, Palm asked their CEO Ed Colligan to step down and brought in Kimmo Kinnunen, Nokia’s Director.
No news has been released on the fate of Palm’s much anticipated device, the Pre, however my sources have information that Sprint may be getting a shipment of new Nokia devices on April 31, including a device known simply as Nebula.

This news is breaking and I have very little information, however, I will update this post with the latest information as it comes to me; my source has gone dead currently, so hopefully I can get some more information as soon as possible!

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19 Responses to “Palm, Inc being sold to Nokia, Pre future uncertain”

  1. booo speculation

  2. Wow, thanks for the scoop, and on the first of april of all days. This must really be your day!

  3. Ha! You wish. But seriously, this is not so far fetched.

  4. Spreading false information about a public stock – seems like a bad idea, even on April 1st.

  5. April Fools Day!

  6. good gag?

  7. Given that this is on financial websites now a very foolish April Fool’s gag!!

  8. so no ones denying this huh?

  9. I hope you get investigated by the FTC for stock manipulation.

  10. or the SEC

  11. I hope that the government comes down and shuts down this website because I obtain all of my stock information here and I’m incapable of checking the posts against publicly available information (such as whether Palm went bankrupt or not). This type of post is what will ruin my portfolio because I rely on “insider information” on blogs for all of my stock needs.

    I also don’t like laughing, jokes, or anything that would impede my efficiency with regards to making more money as fast as possible. This “April Fools” joke is just another sign that people are becoming more lazy and incompetent.

    The stock market is the most important thing in my life. If the economy crashes, my life crashes with it. I pretend like this is not a problem by making it seem like I’m not just another fear-driven armchair trader; but rather a refined, classy gentleman. Who is incapable of cross referencing bankruptcy information.

  12. **innocent face**

    What financial sites ran an unsupported rumour as news? Sounds like their editorial board needs a kick in tha pants…

    Happy April Fools day, guys!


  13. Google Finance, for one, includes just the headline of this story, which gives no hint (especially now that April Fool’s is long since forgotten) that it’s a gag…

  14. yeah saw that. Also saw the one right above it saying Palm + Nokia == April fools joke :)

    Made sure to save the screen shot.

  15. Hi Folks,
    please, please especially @Ryan: this is not funny.

    @all: do you think changing the post title would help?

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  16. Tam,

    I think you’re blowing things out of proportion a little bit; it says clearly in the comments it’s a joke, the few people who commented knew it was a joke, the post directly after it (viewable from the top of this post, might I add) says it’s a joke.


  17. Hi Ryan and Folks,
    I owe you an explanation on why I am so eeker about this: I recently started to work together with Google on getting us into their services more…and have managed to get us onto Google News tentatively.

    I didn’t want to talk at the time as it wasnt final…and actually never will be as Google never commits to anything :) .

    But: our content is now syndicated to Google, who loathes fake info.

    All the best

    P.S. The comments here are useless as Google gets the full content to its page

  18. Not a huge Apple fan but… Why would I want a phone that is violating corporate patents owned by Apple? This phone’s future is uncertain with all the legal trouble it could cause Palm. Which presents problems… will upgrades be available, security fixes, stability fixes? If Palm recalls this phone there will be no support for it and resell value would be nothing.

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