My trusty Jaybird JB200 bluetooth headset did not survive a recent surprise encounter with a washing machine…while I was perfectly happy with the headset, I decided to give wired headphones another shot. As Apple’s headphones were reasonably cheap and included a microphone, I wanted to give them a shot.

Plugging them in required an unnatural amount of force, and getting them back out of my device turned out to be impossible due to the soft and rubbery finish of both plug and cable. But they were detected as headset at the least.

Unfortunately, this recognition did not mean much. Audio was tinny all the time except when I kept the center button of the remote firmly pressed…the moment I let go of the button, tracks once again sounded like they were being played back through a thick wall of fog.

From my point of view, the 30 Euros invested turned out to be a major waste – 5 Euro headsets will likely deliver better audio quality than these when paired up with an X1 or similar non-Apple handset. Apple: this pair of headphones goes straight back to the shop where I bought them. In case anyone of you is in a similar situation: stay far away from Apple’s Earphones with Remote and Mic.

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2 Responses to “Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic – buyer beware”

  1. It happened to me too, my iphone came with those (single button + mic), They worked fine with my iphone, mp3 player, lappye and ipaq, but when I plugged them on my trusty T3 or on the tv and some other devices volume would go down unless I pressed the mic button.

    I wont blame my T3, nor the tv, their earphone jacket was designed for regular stero headphones. what happened is that apple added an extra division on the plug for the mic/button and in some devices the contact happened in that precise division instead of the ground one, when you press the button, the circuit gets closed and therefore audio comes out in full volume.

    Nevertheless, those headphone didnt last long, not that they were cheaply made (rubber on the phone`s heads tends to peel but thats another story), what killed them was… were my cats :) .

  2. Hi,
    I have to say that I do blame Apple here for one reason: 3.5 inch head phones are an _industry standard_. Apple did not put a warning on the box saying that these headphones are incompatible with all things not made by Apple…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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