Longterm followers of TamsPalm will probably still recall Fossil’s infamous WristPDA – this PalmOS-powered device failed miserably, but paved the road for other devices which succeeded it. In China, such devices have been for sale for quite some time…and the Canadian firm Neutrano seems to be hell-bent on importing them to the USA and Europe and getting them certified.

They are currently evaluating various models in price ranges from 300 to 400$ – hit this link to see a little gallery of what they are working on!

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4 Responses to “WristPDA strikes back”

  1. which OS BE USE in Neutrano’s wristfone ??
    Fossil WRISTPDA use palm os is very well many software and it is ok ,but can not support MICROSD , and can not use jacksprat upgrade wrist ROM file

  2. Hi,
    I have no idea – but it most likely isnt Palm OS!


  3. I just started a new WristPDA blog (I write my own programs for it)
    Check it out.


  4. Hi,
    please keep me in the loop!

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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