TealPoint Software has been roaming the Palm OS business since the days of the Palm III – their latest product TealOS unfortunately was disliked by Palm’s top brass and quickly disappeared into oblivion.

Nevertheless, the boys did not give up – they used the experience gathered on TealOS to create TealWheel…and have provided TamsPalm with the first set of screenshots…which are below:

Essentially, we are looking at a graphical implementation of the hub-and-spoke pattern. Menus like this one have been seen in both Picsel Viewer and the TapWave Zodiac’s launcher, and can be very effective if done right:
wheel1 TealWheel: TealPoint strikes back

The webOS heritage can be seen in the “cards” – a screenshot of the last state of the program is shown when a card is tapped or otherwise selected:
wheel2 TealWheel: TealPoint strikes back

Finally, here are two shots showing the transition effect shown when the wheel is activated:
wheel4 TealWheel: TealPoint strikes back wheel3 TealWheel: TealPoint strikes back

TealPoint spokesperson Tex Tennison furthermore asked me to state the following:

It’s still in an early state and the look is by no means locked down, but we’re getting lots of positive feedback, with several beta testers liking it better even than TealOS!

I have to say that I personally like the idea very much, and am sure that it will turn out to be a lovely app – stay tuned!

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