whatnow Palm Linux: TT3, TE2 and TC get suspend to RAMBootable implementations of Linux have been available for a variety of Palm handhelds for quite some time: the work of the hackndev boys is nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, their efforts were cut short due to one basic eeker: you could not turn off a handheld running Linux.

Fortunately, this particular eeker has just been fixed for owners of Tungsten T3, E2 and Tungsten C handhelds:

PalmT|T3, T|C, T|E2: Suspend-to-mem without reflashing bootloader (UPDATED #2)
Submitted by Marex on 30 March, 2009 – 17:32.

It’s now possible to use suspend-to-mem without reflashing FlashROM on Palm Tungsten T3. How it’s done after the break. Also, PalmTC and PalmTE2 have similar loaders so it might not take too long to see suspend on them as well.

The wakeup loader source is here: http://marex.hackndev.com/palmtt3-wakeloader.S

As for the platform code, you’ll have to wait a while till I clean it up.
UPDATE: here is reference implementation for PalmTE2, it’s the same on T3: http://marex.hackndev.com/palmte2-reference-pm.patch

UPDATE2: PalmTE2 and PalmTC can wake up using this mechanism as well.

Master coder Marex has posted a very detailed writeup of the process at the URL below – if you have very good understanding of the ARM architecture (I don’t), hit the page and see what he has to say:

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