banner Seth Godin on DesignSeth Godin is the man behind a very interesting marketing blog, a bunch of top-selling business books and – last but not least – the concept of permission marketing. I thus was somewhat surprised to see him talk about graphics design…but felt that his list could be useful nevertheless.

Seth listed a variety of books and web sites which could be helpful for people wanting to become decent graphic designers – further information can be had here:

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2 Responses to “Seth Godin on Design”

  1. I hope you will not start putting commercials aside of your blog entries?

  2. Hi,
    hell gee! Bica is discontinued for a LONG time.

    I just put that here as I found no other stock image…am on my laptop in Hungary and didnt want to pay 20$+ for a stock shot!

    if you find a royalty-free one which also is free to use, just let me know!


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