Don’t ask me why Palm didn’t include the Palm OS emulator into the start-up demo…but it could very well have had something to do with keeping the buzz alive. Anyways, the buzz goes on…as MotionApps has just released a small FAQ and a demo video (below):

The demo video proves that the emulator works pretty well: unfortunately, the Pre’s lack of a 5way (thanks to all readers who pointed this out recently) will likely hamper its usability for high-end gaming.

This is sad, as the emulator seems to be pretty full-functioned. According to MotionApps, it will lack the following:

  • DIA support
  • Palm’s codec framework
  • Access to built-in camera
  • Access to external hardware devices through Bluetooth, serial or USB ports however access to network peripherals is supported
  • will not be able to access Bluetooth, wireless modem (phone radio), GPS, light sensors or accelerometer
  • No hotsync
  • Access to native webOS PIM databases is not supported at this time.

Either way, I am pretty sure that the emulator will work well. The only remaining eeker is whether it will be free…

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5 Responses to “More info on Classic for WebOS”

  1. Real money? Considering the limitations it has I still believe it’s just GarnetVM repackaged with PalmOne’s PIM applications.

  2. Hi,
    it can access the files on a special folder of the Pre via VFS though…so its not that feature-poor as it may look at first glance.

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

  3. Since Palm’s agreement with Access is strange, maybe the emulation is based on the Handspring’s portion of Palm OS (5.0′s and not the latest 5.4).

    I guess until someone pays Access a bit of money full emulation will not be available.

    I wonder if anyone in Germany/Austria/Europe is wanting to pay Access for the rights to Garnet?

  4. GarnetVM can already mount any linux filesystem as PalmOS card.

    It is also able to network-hotsync. I assume they removed that from the Pre since it doesn’t fit with Palm’s new \everything on the cloud\ motto.

    The video also shows that it has blue-ring 5-way support. So it’s PalmOS 5.4 or better. (GVM does up to PalmOS 5.5, which already exists).

  5. You do not have to use code from ACCESS to provide binary compatibility.

    All pointers PalmOS APIs (native side) are stored in a table. When you call an API it looks up the pointer in this table, and calls that. So, all you need to do is provide the table where the system expects it, and create your own APIs.

    That said… I would pay up to about USD20 for this.

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