Dear Readers,
Please accept my most sincere apologies for not having written more in the past few days, but I was without my laptop due to a variety of shipment eekers with a German web shop.

However, better late than never…please give a warm welcome to crazy Sunday. Crazy Sunday is the latest brainchild of yours truly’s wife, and will allow you to pick up a nice bunch of free stuff in the next few months (void where prohibited!).

The rules of Crazy Sunday are easy: I announce a new product here every Monday, along with the winner of the last one. As this one is delayed, the next announcement will be on Monday, the 20th. BTW: the winner is chosen at random from all people who lave left behind a non-spam comment on any post along with a valid email address in the email field.

Palm OS users are treated to a free version of Resco News. In case anybody of you wonders: Resco News is an excellent feed reader which allows you to stay on top of your RSS feeds and other blogs on the go.

Resco News is an absolute must have for everybody who follows tech blogs like this one: trust me when I say that the program is the best feed reader on the market (across all platforms).

For the item above, all comments posted on the 12th of April are counted. In case you haven’t talked back yet, do so now – it is free and anonymous (your email address is protected by Austrian law unless you post political stuff).

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  1. Thank you, Tam!

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