Quite a bit of time has passed since yours truly last looked at an ad – but the one below struck my interest:
18042009163 Smart ads   engage the viewer

The ad is from Austria’s federal casino, and advertises its poker tables with a little mirror and the statement “train your poker face”.

Even though Daniel Fuhry will kill me for this statement: interactive ads are the way to go IMHO. OK; Flash probably won’t cut it for now due to its insane amount of CPU drain (which is why FlashBlock is a must for notebooks)…but the long-term trend is clear.

P.S. For all Vienniese readers: yep, it is at Karlsplatz. I know that this is bad placement…but more on that another time.

P.S.2 In case you wonder about how interactive ads can look: Taschen’s Advertising OnLine Now can currently be had very cheaply at book outlets…

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