The first round of Crazy Sunday has just ended on the six participating news services – and the winners have been determined and were furthermore contacted by email. But before we look at who lucked out, let’s look at this week’s price.

This week, I am proud to give away a license of 4cast from ShSh Software. ShSh’s 4cast scored a rave review at TamsPalm’s, and is one of the most useful weather programs available for the Palm OS.

As usual: post a non-spam comment with your email address in the email field on any news story to participate. The Tamoggemon Content team wishes you all the best!

Our free license of Resco News, the best news reader for Palm OS, goes out to user philpalm. In case anyone of you feels like getting the best news reader for Palm OS, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY to get 20% off in the TamsShop.

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