A recently-leaked slide from AT&T’s has circulated all over the internet in the last few hours – according to PreCentral, it was followed up with a series of in-store seminars training employees on perceived or real weaknesses of the Pre when compared to the iPhone 3G.

Leaving the points in the slide aside (most of them are pretty, um, eeker), one very significant bit of information remains: the Pre will face the iPhone 3G, and not some kind of successor.

If AT&T would already have further information on the immediacy of the iPhone 4G’s release, why for heavens sake would they train their employees to fight the Pre using the iPhone 3G rather than the newly-released model?

IMHO, this is good news for Palm: it means that their (untested) device gets to run against a (2 year old) device which may be well-tested, but definitely isn’t cutting edge anymore and furthermore lacks a keyboard.

An iPhone 4G would probably steal most of the hype from the Pre – but when it comes to facing the current 3G, I am pretty sure that the Pre has good chances if Palm doesn’t bork up on customer care and/or press relations.

Ideas, anyone?

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2 Responses to “Pre vs iPhone 3G – what it really means”

  1. Maybe they want us to “think” that way, so they “leaked” the document… ;)

  2. Hi,
    could be :)

    All the best

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