Week 2 of our Crazy Sunday raffle is over: this means that one price must be given away, and another one must be announced. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, please allow me to thank you all for talking back!

Your comments are what keeps a news service like this one running. Tell us that you love us, or tell that you hate us (and why)…but show us that you are there! We love you all…seriously!

This week, you guys are entitled to a free pop at SplashData’s SplashMoney! SplashMoney is a really cool budgeting app – and is darn easy to use!

Last week’s price (a license of 4cast, a weather program) goes to Eli Greenfeld. In case anyone else wants a pop at the program, knock 20% off the product’s retail price in the TamsShop with the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY.

With that, this post ends – just talk back and leave behind an email address in order to participate!

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