Killing sprees at schools always are horrible – my thoughts are with the victims, who I wish to rest in peace (or to achieve whatever good their belief places after death). Unfortunately, these displays of rage against the society always lead to alarmist behavior from politicians and boulevard press…which usually goes against the IT business.

This time, Germany’s politicians have decided to go for a somewhat softer target: they decided to work on outlawing Paintball and similar real-life games. The calculation behind it was simple: as most people don’t give a sh#t about paintball, banning this won’t provoke much of a lobbyist reaction but will allow us to appear tough.

I honestly have to say that I can’t care less about Paintball – but the implications are clear for me. Once Paintball is disposed of, Arcade games like the House of the Dead are next:
P5011273 Were all paintballers now...
(hey – good ole Tam looks pretty mean in this pic. He is a threat to society; let’s ban the Tamoggemon Content Network)
 Were all paintballers now...

And once arcade games are disposed of, computer games in general are next. Consider it a waterfall or dam failure scenario: once the first gate busts, all others will follow suite.

Thus, I urge all of you to overcome any sentiments against Paintball. Once again: I don’t give a darn about Paintball and have never handled a Paintball rifle/attended a game…but this IMHO is a question of societal responsibility rather than taste.

P.S. 6 year old kids are forced to hit each other with balls in a game called “people’s ball” in mandatory school sports education => injuries galore. Yet nobody dares to talk about this one…guess there’s too much teacher’s lobby in the background.

Tam Hanna image shot on scene by Dr. D. M. Kohrs – all rights reserved, all reuse prohibited. Anti-paintballheads: I am dead serious. Reuse it and see you in court.

You are of course permitted to print this article out and share or repost it in order to promote paintball and digital freedom – as long as it remains unchanged and is reused in whole.

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  1. Very interesting game, relaxing

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