Palm’s V series is one of the major milestones in terms of handset design…which means that five can be considered a lucky number. So: all those afraid of the number four should jump right back into the competition – there are more prizes to be given away.

This week, a license of 2day can be claimed by leaving a valid comment. 2day is an excellent today panel from ShSh software, which brings Today features to your Palm. It can be expanded with various plugins like Daily Quote – just lovely and a must have!

User philpalm had no issues with Tetraphobia…and gets to take home a free license of SelectCam. In case anyone else feels like improving video quality, get the program in the TamsShop. The rebate code CRAZYSUNDAY gets you 20% off the list price.

With that, I wish you all the best of luck – see you here next week!

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3 Responses to “Tamoggemon Crazy Sunday V”

  1. Ooh!
    Pick Me! :P

  2. Can I decline and give it to SKar? Well wining it forces me to at least check it out.

    Ironically Palm V is one of the few devices by Palm that I have not purchased or tried to buy.
    I have given away my Palm 3c, Zire 21 and TE2 but have not parted with any of my Sony Clies.

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