This one is great news for all who own a Sprint-branded Treo 600 (mine is Sprint-Branded, but has an AT&T planar…which means that I am excluded):

You have received this notice because it appears that you purchased one or more new Treo 600 smartphone(s) for use on the Sprint cellular telephone network before October 27, 2004. It is important to read this notice because your rights may be affected by a proposed class action settlement. Plaintiffs James Casaburi and Robert Werksman have asserted claims against Palm, Inc. (“Palm”) and Sprint Spectrum (“Sprint”) and allege that certain statements regarding the availability of WiFi and Bluetooth expansion cards for Treo 600 smartphones were untrue because no Bluetooth or WiFi cards have been developed that are compatible with the Treo 600. Palm and Sprint deny plaintiffs’ allegations but have agreed to settle the case to avoid further litigation.

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, class members who are current Sprint subscribers are eligible to receive a $20 bill credit. Class members who are not current Sprint subscribers are eligible for a $27.50 credit that may be used for a purchase at Palm’s online store. The deadline to submit a claim form is September 15, 2009. You may obtain additional information regarding the settlement, as well as a claim form by visiting the Settlement website,

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