With the Pre’s release date getting closer by the minute, it’s now time to let a few user speak about what they expect from their Pre’s!

First up is Prof. Jonathan I. Ezor, the author of an ebook on risks related to mobile computing. He states the following:

The Pre is very much the true successor to the TX: full-screen, fast and smooth Internet integration. It will enable those of us for whom the BlackBerry isn’t mandatory, and the iPhone isn’t functional enough, to do real business and manage the rest of our lives anywhere we are.

For me, the Pre will add smoother and more reliable e-mail and Web browsing, areas where the TX, for all its pluses, still struggles, along with real multitasking for background processing.

It will also make it easier and less controversial for tech-savvy individuals to integrate with office IT, since it does not require client or dedicated server software (other than Exchange Server) to connect to Outlook. For my own multi-faceted life (teaching, law practice, and kids and family), the Pre, with its Synergy multi-calendar and multi-e-mail account support and Web-based tools, makes perfect sense.

I’m disappointed, though, that Palm did not add even a microSD slot to the Pre; given that I have 16 GB in my TX (courtesy of Dmitry Grinberg’s PowerSDHC driver), I’m actually going to have less onboard storage if I switch to the Pre. (Hopefully, Palm has or will add software support for an external microUSB thumb-type drive or card reader, for expanded storage and security.)

I’m also counting on Palm to provide Bluetooth keyboard support; it’s unthinkable to me that Palm wouldn’t, given how long external keyboards have been available for the PalmOS (remember PiloKey?), but it so far has not confirmed such support. I use my Bluetooth keyboard *a lot,* and if Palm refuses to support one, it might actually prevent me from switching to the Pre.

Next up is Carla Morelli from FreyerMartin, which is a really weird (but interesting) financial agency which specializes on bill management for individuals:

I’m on my third Treo in five years. First was a Palm OS, the next two were Windows Mobile. I own an 800wx today. The Treo’s concept was so attractive that I kept upgrading hoping to get a model that worked effectively. I’m about to throw the 800 out the car window and run it over. The crunching would feel good. Office Mobile is worthless, PDFs are impossible to work with, and the phone, frankly, is a mess. I reboot at least weekly, sometimes two or three times in a row. The battery life is inconsistent – it swings between not so hot and atrocious.

I liked the iPhone, but I’m on Sprint – and I’m not wild about the keyboard. I’ve been considering a Blackberry, but am afraid I’ll miss the touchscreen. If Palm had come out with another Treo, I’d say forget it. If it’s a completely different platform, it may be worth wait to see what people say.

Finally, it’s time to look at Nathalie Chiles from MemoryMavens, who specialize on photo archive management:

I am a current Palm owner (Treo 650) and am salivating at the mouth for the Pre. I just found out today that Verizon may be carrying the Pre in the new year, and because of my husband’s employer we are a Verizon family, so I can’t WAIT to get my hands on it. I’m tired of the clunky Palm software- it’s so outdated. I’m very hopeful that the new Pre is parallel to or perhaps exceeds the iPhone, but it seems it’s been hard as a consumer to get enough info on it other than “it’s going to be way cool.” I also hope the plan isn’t too ridiculous- I’m dreaming of checking my email on my phone.

With that, let’s end this post for now – what do you expect the Pre to improve?

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