Welcome to week 8 of the (hopefully never-ending) Tamoggemon Content Network “Crazy Sunday” promotion! I am currently traveling, and thus don’t feel like typing a long description text – which I apparently just typed anyways.

This week, we are giving away one free license of HanDBase for Palm OS. HanDBase allows you to manage huge amounts of data on your handheld – it is a true must have for data mining nuts!

In order to get your grubby hands onto it, all you need to do is leave a useful and valuable comment on ANY post on this news service along with your email address in the email field. Doing so is free and anonymous, as your identity is protected by Austrian press laws unless you post sth political or advocate criminal acts.

Last week’s price was a copy of NS Basic for Palm OS. This Visual Basic-lookalike will hopefully find a good home at Allen Foster’s – who will furthermore win a little bit of free PR if he manages to release an useful app or game written in NS Basic within six months.

With that, I wish you all the best – see you here again next week!

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One Response to “Crazy Sunday #8 – no stupid text edition”

  1. Handbase feature that I like is that its the Only mobile database program to offer syncing between handhelds via IR or Bluetooth– even between Palm and Pocket PC devices! Communication made easy

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