0a Palm: PDA manufacturung has ceasedRyan Kairer’s PalmInfoCenter quotes Palm’s CFO as follows:

… handhelds still contributed some “marginal revenue” however it was so low that he would not even break down the numbers. Mr. Jefferies went on to say that Palm is no longer manufacturing handhelds and is focusing all of its resources on smartphones. Last quarter, the company only sold about 100k units.

While this does not mean that no more Palm OS handhelds will be sold (Palm is likely to still have quite a few in stock), the writing on the wall is clear: merchants will eventually run out of stock when devices like the TX are concerned. PDA faithful have but two options: stock up or look at HP’s (excellent but very large and clunky) hp ipaq 210

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2 Responses to “Palm: PDA manufacturung has ceased”

  1. My T5 is getting old ; am wondering if to switch to a TX or an HP PDA.
    Trying to manage a “dumb” phone, the Palm PDA T5 (whose organizer for contacts is great, but unable to coordinate with the appointment module) My wife has TX that she uses only for contacts. The on/off button doesn’t work. Is it fixable? TX does not seem as good as the T5 but certainly faster. Would I be able to get an HP PDA and use the Palm OS? Are software sources for TX or HP software/games eg Sudoko, a dictionary?
    Your advice would be helpful.
    Dean Pepper
    C# 224-558-0261

  2. Hi Dean,
    thank you so much for talking back!

    What would you mean by a HP PDA? A Pre-like device, or a PocketPC?

    All the best

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