Austria has suffered from waves of unwanted premium SMS over the last two years or so – a recent Cisco report claims that the boys now have a new method:

Text message scams targeting users of handheld mobile
devices, such as cell phones and smart phones, are
becoming a common fraud tactic. At least two or three
new campaigns have surfaced every week since the start
of 2009. The spike in frequency can be attributed partly
to the economic downturn, but it’s also the massive—and
still growing—size of the mobile device audience that is
making this new frontier for fraud irresistible to criminals.

The report goes on to claim that various kinds of social-engineering based methods are used – a particulariuly devious one is outlined below:

Customers were contacted
by either SMS or phone and asked to provide “verification
details,” such as bank account numbers, to collect a
grand prize. Victims were also asked to purchase scratch
cards worth QR500 (approximately US$135) and provide
those numbers as “security” when they collected their
fictitious prize

Further information can be had in the PDF below – page thirteen, onwards:

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