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palm pre rss reader Palm works on RSS reader; could anger developersThe picture on the left hits us via Gadgets on the Go – they describe it as follows:

I came across this Palm branded “News” (RSS application) in the PreCentral webOS Development forum . It’s got a few bugs (probably why Palm didn’t include it with the Pre), but it works very well.

Even though I am very happy to see more RSS users, I fear that this move from Palm’s will do more harm than good. It indicates but one thing: Palm is actively developing add-on applications for the Palm Pre.

This puts independent software vendors into an uncomfortable rut: they have to compete directly and head-to-head with the device AND operating system vendor…who obviously has more access to the OS and can always rig the situation to help its products stand out.

Even though Palm’s current situation is not too appealing for developers due to lack of code protection and sales channel (the Pre’s app store still can not handle payments); this move is another thing which could piss developers even more…

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Palm works on RSS reader; could anger developers”

  1. The RSS Reader isn’t an app that’s being developed for deployment for devices. It was the sample app that’s part of the book “Palm webOS” that Palm’s CTO Mitch Allen has been writing. It exists as sample code for other developers to learn from and use in their own apps.

    While it’s possible that Palm will distribute some more webOS apps in the future beyond what’s on the ROM, this isn’t so different from before — Palm had a Traffic app on Palm OS and they sold ChatterMail for a while.

  2. This app is in the Web OS book available at O’Reilly. This isn’t a new move. Any one who is a developer has known about it for over a month. Why would it anger developers that Palm is working on more applications? I would expect them to. We need a video recorder. Audio recorder. These will most likely come first from Palm, as they will be developed when finalizing the access to those parts of WebOS.

    Talk about a non-story.

  3. Hi,
    will retract in a jiffy!


  4. Palm needs to do some app development, there are some basics it must do. It must have a finder, a browser, a GUI, and a sync utility to outlook to be a credible platform. It is not going to get into the real estate calculator or RSS feed business, why should it?

  5. Hi,
    I agree.

    But the issue is this: real estate calculators don’t tend to keep companies alive.

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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