The Palm OS has made for a pretty decent platform for 2D games – I have developed quite a few and have even released a version of JezzBall for Palm OS. Obviously, the availability of a native SDK made development easy…which is not true of webOS.
e2 Palm courts game developers

The company nevertheless is very interested in courting game developers – the following message just went up on Palm’s developer blog:

Game developers: Now’s your chance to help Palm shape the future of mobile device game development on the webOS platform. Visit our latest developer forum, the webOS Game Developer Café, and tell us and the rest of the community about your webOS game development efforts.

You should also read the article just posted to webOSdev about game development on the webOS platform. It provides a general statement about how webOS technologies currently support game development.

As Chuq van Rospach has a reputation to lose, he states the following in the beginning of the linked article:

webOS and Palm Mojo SDK development currently offers the basic elements you’ll need to create games across many of the most popular categories. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS – the same core technologies that serve web developers so well and power the webOS user experience – are also suitable for creating a wide range of games: puzzles, word games, card and board games, innovative social games, and the list goes on – even simple arcade games.

So, while the Mojo Framework does not currently support some types of games – most notably 3D and fast-paced arcade games – we expect you to produce great games from day one.

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