We have known that O2 is Palm’s carrier of choice for the Pre’s UK launch – unfortunately, no information has been available on release dates so far.

Various web sites now quote a new blog called palmwebosblog as follows:

Well, today the silence was finally broken by an anonimous tipster who let us know that O2 managers have been given Palm Pre’s release date by the head office – Friday October 30th.

We will classify this as a rumour but personally I think it is genuine for two reasons: 1) it coincides with O2’s Friday morning releases of big handsets (think iPhone) and 2) remember the original banner on German site of O2 showing October release?

As past statements from O2 Germany have pegged the Pre for October, this sounds reasonable to some extent…but I am a bit weary as the web site is very new. Don’t get me wrong here, but a strong risk element remains: as the site is rather young, the boys could be hard pressed to spread link bait.

Either way, we will find out more soon…

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