Palm has not shown too much intelligence when it comes to building a software ecosystem around webOS – a few months after the device’s original release, applications can still not be purchased.

While webOS 1.2 adds this feature, it will also add something which will make some of you uncomfortable. According to Ryan Kairer’s PalmInfoCenter, the orange boys can yank apps off your handset:

apparently webOS 1.2 will give Palm the ability to remotely remove apps from your device, and you won’t have much of a say in the matter. In the file “usrliblunasystemluna-systemuiappcontrollersapprevokedalert_scene.html”, we can see this info-text: “Palm had to delete this application from the App Catalog and your device. If you paid for this app, your money will be refunded.”

As of this writing, not much further is known…

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