TamsPalm covered NANplayer some time ago – unfortunately, it looks like the product will never make it into the App Catalog. The developer has just stated the following:

Palm stated that they don’t support music file indexing and consequently won’t admit the app into the App Catalog. It doesn’t seem to matter that the app is works just fine on the Pre and that it is substantially better than their pathetic stock music player in terms of features and performance. I guess you should stick to iPhone or other platforms if you want a decent music player on your phone.

I won’t spite the user community just because of Palm’s decision. I will release NaNplayer to the Homebrew gallery once it is done. However, this will still leave most Pre users to get by with a music player that doesn’t even let them create a playlist. However, I will slow the pace of development considerably. I can’t continue to dedicate so much time to developing an app that may never be released to the majority of webOS users. In all likelihood, I will not develop any more webOS apps in the future.

If you’d like to see NaNplayer in the App Catalog, let Palm know.

I honestly have to admit that there’s little to add here – Palm always was pretty good at pissing off its customers…

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4 Responses to “Palm rejects first web OS app”

  1. Palm formally apologized about 20 min after all the ruckus erupted over the app…they fully support the app, however it was created using private APIs not yet available to public….when they become available the app will be reconsidered….quit bashing palm right away….didn’t piss me off…

  2. Tam, please, try to be reasonable. Palm is DOING THE RIGHT THING. You need to calm down and be fair.

  3. I disagree… Palm could have still accepted the app and worked with the developer to ensure that the app is updated when the API is changed. Palm after all needs every app that it can get.

  4. Hi,
    I have to admit that I side with Baal here.

    Apple can afford to reject apps – Palm not.


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