i0 iTunes 9 re breaks Pre media syncOh, the joy – the latest version of iTunes breaks the Palm Pre’s media sync once again.

UK-based news service Mirror reports the following:

It was to be expected, but the release of iTunes 9 has brought an end to the Palm Pre’s syncing skills. The release of iTunes 8.2.1 had originally killed off the Pre’s ability to hook up with the software, but a Palm update had brought it back to life.

As we have already covered the reasons for this cat-and-mouse play in the past, there’s not much to add here – expect a firmware update to fix it in the near future…

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2 Responses to “iTunes 9 re-breaks Pre media sync”

  1. The common assumption is that the reason the WebOS 1.2 update was delayed is so that palm can shoehorn in a patch to fix itunes sync

  2. Hi,
    this actually sounds sensible :)


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