Palm Pre owners all over the world are busily anticipating the release of webOS 1.2 – it is said to fix iTunes 9 syncing and will furthermore bring paid apps.

Ryan Kairer’s PalmInfoCenter now reports the following:

… A helpful tipster – let’s call him Deep Palm – has let us know that webOS 1.2 is due to drop by the end of next week (Oct 2nd).

What was the delay? It wasn’t the broken iTunes 9 sync, which apparently took a mere couple of hours to fix. Reportedly, it was due to issues with Sprint’s data services …

As of now, Palm itself has not stated anything; and no material was posted to “confirm” the rumor. Nevertheless, the news service has a good reputation to loose – which means that the rumor could very well turn out to be true…

Further information can be had at the URL below:

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