web os 1 2 webOS 1.2 dropsPalm’s long-awaited update to webOS 1.2 has just been released, and is currently downloading on most Pres.

Among other features, the app catalog has received a flurry of new capabilities:

App Catalog

* In preparation for e-commerce in the App Catalog, to purchase apps, you can enter credit card information by selecting Preferences & Accounts from the application menu in App Catalog. Credit card information is stored with the Palm profile, not on the phone. You can choose whether you need to enter their Palm profile password each time you make a purchase, or for the first purchase in any four-hour window.
* If you want to reinstall a purchased application you previously deleted, you can open App Catalog, search for the application, tap the app name, and tap Download again for free. You do not need to pay for the application again.
* A new Share button enables you to send a link to the app page in an email or text message.You can select whether to enter comments anonymously, using your first and last name, or using your first initial and last name.
* You must accept an end-user license agreement to purchase apps.

Further information (and a full change log) can be had here:

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