Our Crazy Sunday promotion spread quite a few free licenses among all of you – but good concepts always can be improved further. My wife and I are thus proud to introduce you to the new Crazy Sunday – the rules have changed a bit in order to make getting your hands onto software easier.

As before, entering is free: all you need to do is leave a valuable comment on a post. Comments like “Hi” or “cool” don’t count – we want added value here. However, there is a second way not – purchase an app in the TamsShop to participate with equal chances!

In order to make purchases more interesting, use the discount code CRAZYSUNDAY. It gets you 20% off any software which has not been discounted before – and is valid while the promotion runs.

This week, our prize is a free license of NS Basic for Palm OS. NS Basic can best be described as Visual Basic for Palm OS, and makes creating Palm OS applications really really easy.

So: good luck, guys and gals! See you all here next week…same news service, same venue!

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