Keen Studios Checkers game was one of the first released for the webOS – it naturally made quite a splash in the community. Jordan Gensler, the head developer, now sat down with us to discuss future plans…

Please tell me more about yourself and your company.
Well, my name is Jordan Gensler. I am the founder of Keen Studios and the head developer as well. The company is currently set on developing webOS applications, but is looking at branching out later in 2010.

Why did you focus on Palm’s Pre?
When Keen Studios was founded, we were focused on Windows applications, but unfortunately the size of that market prevented us from being noticed. We went dormant for a while until I came across the Palm Pre.

I saw so much potential in the webOS platform the I jumped right on-board the fan boat and watched the news carefully until the launch. Ever since we have been dedicated to developing webOS applications.

How would you describe your experience with the Pre so far?
My experience with the Palm Pre has been superb to say the least.

I’m a huge fan of the webOS platform as a whole and developing on it has been a breeze.

Has Palm been supportive of your efforts so far?
Palm has been very supportive of my efforts. Working with them has felt very personal and very simple. They’ve got one of my apps in the catalog.

Where do you currently see the main weakness of the development environment?
The only weakness of the development that I see is the lack for openGL support and the dependence on Javascript.

Javascript is an amazing language and perfect for this type of device, but many developers want to develop native applications for the platform.

Looking at the djstribution platforms: would you be happy if independant ESDs would start selling webOS software?
I’m very happy with the current distribution method.

No other comments.

Do you expect the Pixi to boost sales?
I expect the Pixi to boost the sales of palm phones in general. I think it will be very successful.

Are you willing to tell us a bit more about your future projects?
Sure thing, the next app that will be appearing is Checkers Pro.

After that, updates to the framework of Checkers and Checkers Pro, adding online capabilities. After that, expect Wellow’s Bounce Room. Going out even further we see Chess down the road.

Anything you would like to add?
I would like to speak a bit about our online gaming service, Keen Studios Online, which we will be rolling out to all of our applications.

Basically, a user can register a Keen Studios Online account, either on the app or online at our website. This account will let them login and play against any other users. We will also be rolling our services out to other applications, and we plan on opening our developer portal sometime this October, allowing other developers to add our service.

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