Opera’s booth at Symbian’s SEE provided me with an opportunity for a bit of hands-on time with the latest version of Opera Mini. Just in case anyone of you is new to the topic: Opera Mini 5 introduced tabbed browsing.

Starting Opera Mini 5 unveils its new home screen. Instead of the classic one showing a list of web sites along with some thumbnails, you now get this:
opera mini 5 frontpage Opera Mini 5 – hands on

In use, the program mimicks the browser found on an iPhone:
opera mini iphone Opera Mini 5 – hands on

Tabbing worked flawlessly during my tests:
opera mini 5 tabs Opera Mini 5 – hands on opera mini 5 open tab Opera Mini 5 – hands on

Opera 5’s UI generally is ribbon-based – here is another example:
opera mini 5 ribbons Opera Mini 5 – hands on

As this hands-on was made on a Nokia N97, I don’t know how the program will work together with RIM’s and Palm’s Java Virtual Machines. However, I heard little bad – which means that taking a stab could very well pay out…

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