Palm’s Pre can not be considered too good a gaming platform – this is not so much due to weak hardware (its CPU is very fast), but rather due to the OS being unsuitable for high-performance games.

Thus don’t ask me what is going on here – but the boys at Palm’s have just hired a high-ranking graphics driver engineer from ATI. Phoronix reports the following:

Aspiring for a new set of challenges, Matthew felt it was time to leave AMD after six years of work on completely overhauling their Linux graphics support. So what is Matthew going to next? This Australian native will be moving from Toronto to Sunnyvale, California where he is joining Palm and additionally will be working with us on the Phoronix Test Suite. At Palm, Matthew Tippett will be serving as the head of Linux kernel development with their Linux-based webOS smart-phone platform.

As of now, not much further information is available…

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One Response to “Palm hires ATI driver engineer”

  1. presumably, its so they can get some processing shifted over from the CPU to the pre’s pretty much unused GPU (and who knows, maybe expose a bit of a graphics API).

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