Don’t ask me why Palm chose to use Twitter for its recent Q&A session on all things Pixi – other mediums like IRC would have been easier to log.

Either way, here is a list of a few interesting statements:

RT: rawdeadfish @palm can i use the same #palm profile with a #palmpre and a #pixi? Yes, but not simultaneously.

@HeyYolanda Pixi battery life is slightly better and actual use time varies by user. Check detailed specs here:

@jonfingas @HenryLevak Pre has a slight edge in video playback peformance

@imusicmash does pixi have a strap loop? ==> You wanted it, you got it.

@sacherjj Will Pixi require an Everything Data plan? #pixi ==> Sprint will require an unlimited data plan for Pixi

RT @aptjauder Will the batteries between the #pre and #pixi be interchangeable? #pixi ==> Yes, the batteries are identifcal

RT @sacherjj: @palm Is a plain black Touchstone compt. Back available for the #Pixi? ==> Yes, there will be one for #Pixi.

@Blayze04 #pixi has two speaker vents, but one speaker.

@bjelde Memory on #Pixi and Pre are the same, and #Pixi is first handset to launch with Qualcomm’s high-performance MSM7627(TM) chipset.

RT: @theblackmallard Is the screen on the #Pixi plastic or glass? ==> To quote The Graduate, “One word…plastic.”

RT: @rtn79 #pixi dont forget you internationall customers please! we are a LOT ==> We know you’re out there and anxious for more!

The full list can be had at Ryan Kairer’s

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