Palm’s main focus has always been on CDMA devices – their GSM Pre was released late, and ran an inferior version of the webOS. Statements announcing an eventual parity were made quickly, but not much has happened since.

Ryan Kairer’s PalmInfoCenter now claims to have received proof from O2, who are quoted as stating that their GSM Pre will get webOS 1.3 in “the end of November”.

As of now, nothing else is known – stay tuned!

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5 Responses to “webOS 1.3 hits Europe “end of November””

  1. Lets try to be fair here… there is a good reason Palm favors CDMA — the first and third largest providers in the US run CDMA networks (Verizon, Sprint) and the US has historically been palm’s best market. Especially given palm’s relatively small size and resources, it makes sense that GSM and foreign markets would take a backseat.

    It is, however, unfortunate that international releases are taking so long. Palm needs to work on that.

  2. Yes, quite strange that Palm did release the Pre in the Version their launchpartner required, and not as a GSM… and now I start to think about the Treo Pro… ups…

  3. medevilenemy: it is understandable, but nevertheless not smart. As countless other US-companies in the past, Palm underestimates the European market. Remember population wise it is the same as the US and it is definitely on the same level regarding technological infrastructure and purchasing power (well, by now its actually more advanced).

    But I guess it’s like in the hollywood blockbusters: when the US talks about something ‘international’ they think of California AND New York…. but guess what, the world is bigger than that and we don’t live in straw huts over here!

    To make a long story short: No matter how progressive Palm is with their webos and Palm pre, their marketing approach to Europe is as halfbaked as that of many other US-companies. What a shame….they could gain some serious marketshare over here, if they allocated the resources. Maybe they shouldnt just get the developers from Apple but also some sales and marketing cracks =)

  4. …and something else: Im a professional recruiter and I talked to a Palm executive about a year ago. And guess what, he was leaving the company, because he didn’t see any future in the company in Europe. Maybe bad judgement, but maybe just about the truth. I mean, here in Switzerland – admittingly a small country, but nevertheless one of the richest in the word where people change mobile phones like underwear – Palm is nowhere to be found. You have to go to a shop run by some techies who do parallel import of the Pre from Germany (it says O2 on the box). Until now Palm has not managed to get a contract with one of the three big telco operators in the country. The ironic part: We see German TV ads, anouncing the Pre, but you can’t find it in stores. Go figure….

  5. Hi,
    oh my god – what hornets nest I have stabbed :) .

    @Naurer: Palm europe has always been a bit of a slippery floor, similar to an Austrian embassy. People always fluctuated there – for literally years now.

    As for the parity: this is a HUGE issues for developers, not so much for everybody else. As Palm does not have an army of coders, well…

    All the best
    Tam Hanna

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